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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

How can Therapy Help?

Your therapist will work with you to identify your personal goals for counseling and then tailor counseling to you and your goals. You can expect that your therapist will listen closely to understand your experience and then find ways to assist you in moving towards your goals. Therapy is a personalized experience, so how it helps differs from person to person. It will often involve things such as getting a different perspective on your experiences, exploring and discovering things about yourself, making changes in unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving, processing difficult experiences, and learning healthy coping tools.

How do I sign up for counseling?

If you are interested in counseling, please call 631-335-8401 or email us at  to make an appointment for an intake.

How much does a typical session cost? 

Rates and Fees:

NJ Wellness Group, LLC participates with BCBS and Medicare.


At the end of each session an invoice will be provided.


Our billing office works with each client to ensure reimbursement for any Out of Network benefits and works directly with your insurance to assist and personalize your payment schedule.

Initial Intake is $200. 

Each individual session is $165. 

Group rates between $70-$120. 

Family Therapy, $175.

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